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At Johnston Marketing Group, we specialize in transforming businesses by enhancing their digital footprint through comprehensive and innovative solutions. For Coastal Azure, a well-regarded brand in the market, we initiated our collaboration by crafting a striking logo that not only symbolized their brand ethos but also positioned them distinctively in a competitive marketplace. Understanding the importance of online presence, we designed a robust e-commerce website tailored specifically for Coastal Azure. This platform was not merely about aesthetic appeal; it was engineered to enhance the shopping experience of every visitor, ensuring it was intuitive, responsive, and aligned with the latest web design standards.

Further amplifying Coastal Azure’s reach, we integrated their product lineup with Google Shopping. This strategic move was pivotal, tripling their sales figures by significantly boosting online visibility and accessibility to a broader audience. The integration allowed Coastal Azure to tap into a vast network of potential customers actively searching for their products, leveraging Google’s powerful shopping tools to drive traffic and conversions.

Moreover, at Johnston Marketing Group, we handled the production of all Coastal Azure’s canvas prints, ensuring each piece adhered to the highest standards of quality and design. This meticulous attention to detail not only enhanced product quality but also reinforced Coastal Azure’s reputation as a leader in its field.

Our approach at Johnston Marketing Group is holistic, focusing on both creative elements like logo design and technical enhancements through services such as Google Shopping and website design. By adopting this comprehensive strategy, we help brands like Coastal Azure not only meet but exceed their digital marketing goals, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industry. Let us help you transform your business and lead it to new heights of digital success.

coastal azure brand colors and kit created
Website designed for canvas prints in West Palm Beach

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