The Mass Lab

custom logo for gym in West Palm Beach Florida



At Johnston Marketing Group, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, we were tasked with creating a powerful logo for The Mass Lab, a gym renowned for its focus on bodybuilding. The owner wanted a logo that truly represents the intense energy and passion of the bodybuilding community. He envisioned an emblem featuring an angry gorilla, symbolizing strength and determination, set against a bold color palette of red, black, grey, and white.

Our design team embraced this vision, crafting a logo where the gorilla is not just a figure, but a statement of ferocity and power. The use of red highlights the intensity, while black and grey provide a solid, grounded backdrop, making the white letters of The Mass Lab stand out prominently. This color scheme was chosen to evoke strong emotions and convey the serious, hardcore nature of the gym.

This custom logo design for The Mass Lab in West Palm Beach not only captures the essence of bodybuilding but also enhances the gym’s brand identity, making it memorable and striking to anyone who sees it. Through careful consideration of symbolism and color psychology, our logo design helps The Mass Lab attract and connect with dedicated bodybuilders, reinforcing its reputation as a premier fitness destination.


custom logo for gym in West Palm Beach Florida
logo designed for gym in West Palm Beach Florida

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