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At Johnston Marketing Group, we were excited to create a dynamic branding and social media strategy for Two Babes Coffee, a lively coffee shop owned by two sisters in a Florida beach town. With a focus on embodying the energetic and vibrant personalities of the owners, we chose a color palette of bright pinks, blues, and greens for the logo and social media graphics, injecting a fun, youthful vibe into the brand.

The logo design combines these vivid colors with modern typography, crafting an image that is both eye-catching and representative of the shop’s friendly, upbeat atmosphere. This logo perfectly encapsulates the essence of Two Babes Coffee, signaling a fresh and inviting place to enjoy great coffee.

For their social media presence, we extended the use of these electric colors into a series of engaging graphics. These visuals are designed to stand out in social media feeds, capturing the essence of the cafe’s vibrant environment and delicious offerings. The content showcases scenes from the bustling cafe, featuring happy customers and the specialty coffees that make Two Babes Coffee a local favorite.

In addition to crafting the visuals, we established and optimized social media profiles for Two Babes Coffee on multiple platforms. This setup was meticulously designed to foster growth and community engagement, turning their social media into a crucial component of their marketing strategy. Our efforts focus on drawing in both locals and visitors, converting online interest into real-world visits.

The cohesive and lively branding, together with a strategic online presence, has successfully increased Two Babes Coffee’s visibility and appeal. At Johnston Marketing Group, we are thrilled to support their growth and help them become a standout destination for coffee enthusiasts in the area.

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