Exotic Air, Land and Sea

Screenshot of Exotic Air Land and Sea homepage featuring a clean, modern design with a prominent logo, navigation menu, and a large hero image of a luxury vehicle being loaded onto a transport plane.


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At Johnston Marketing Group, we took on a comprehensive project for Exotic Air Land and Sea, a company specializing in the transportation of luxury and exotic vehicles. Our task was to create a cutting-edge website that not only showcases their unique services in air, land, and sea transportation but also reflects the high caliber of their offerings. To achieve this, we developed a site with a clean, user-friendly interface, incorporating high-quality visuals that highlight their specialized capabilities and ensure a superior user experience.

In addition to website design, our team also crafted a distinct logo for Exotic Air Land and Sea. This logo is designed to convey the essence of their premium services and is aligned with the sophisticated nature of their clientele. The logo features sleek, modern lines, representing the speed and precision of their transport services, and is used across all branding materials to maintain consistency and brand recognition.

Furthermore, we designed a professional email signature that employees at Exotic Air Land and Sea can use to enhance their digital communications. This email signature includes not only their new logo but also essential contact information and links to the website, ensuring that every email sent is an opportunity to impress and engage recipients.

The new website serves multiple functions: it acts as a digital portfolio showcasing the depth of their expertise, it improves user engagement through its intuitive design, and it elevates the brand’s online presence, making it more accessible to potential clients worldwide. Through strategic design elements and thoughtful integration of logo and email signature, we have provided Exotic Air Land and Sea with a comprehensive digital solution that enhances their brand visibility and fosters trust and recognition among their target audience.

By focusing on cohesive visual identity and user-centric design, we at Johnston Marketing Group help brands like Exotic Air Land and Sea stand out in a competitive market and achieve lasting business growth. Check out the live site here

Logo Design

Screenshot of the services page on Exotic Air Land and Sea website, showcasing detailed descriptions of air, land, and sea transportation services with accompanying images of vehicles in transit scenarios.
Screenshot of the Contact Us page for Exotic Air Land and Sea, displaying a user-friendly form, company contact information, and an interactive map of the office location.
Screenshot of the About Us page on Exotic Air Land and Sea website, featuring photos of the team, a company history timeline, and mission statement.
Screenshot of the gallery page on Exotic Air Land and Sea website, showing a grid of high-quality images of various luxury vehicles they transport, including both exotic cars and yachts.

We provide comprehensive administrative support for Exotic Air, Land, and Sea, handling critical aspects such as domain management and Gmail account creation. Our services ensure that their digital infrastructure is robust and well-coordinated, allowing them to focus on their core business of transporting luxury vehicles. By managing their domain, we ensure a smooth, secure online presence, while setting up Gmail accounts facilitates streamlined communication across the organization. This blend of technical and administrative assistance underpins their operational efficiency and enhances their professional image.

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